Co-Existing with Nature

Each one of us can make a positive contribution to the biodiversity of our environment if we consider native wildlife when landscaping.

Our surrounding will be a beautiful place to live when our urban landscape can co-exist with wildlife. When we work with nature by planting native plant species and providing shelters that birds and animals can call home, we create a self-regulating landscape that doesn’t need our constant maintenance.

Attracting wildlife doesn’t have to mean having a messy garden with ragged patches of native vegetation. Your garden can be as formal or informal as you wish it to be. You may still retain a vegetable garden or exotic plants you may have long grown.

Everyone can easily do their part to make our urban landscape more inviting to wildlife:

  • Add mulch to care for your soil and avoid pesticides; your garden will then support ground-feeding birds, insects, reptiles and small mammals.
  • Grow plants with flora rich in honey to attract beautiful butterflies,bees, and a variety of insects.
  • Grow plants that bear fruits and seeds to support a balanced insect ecosystem.
  • Fill a pond with native fish and plants, then add some logs and edge planting to support local frog populations and provide a watering hole for your birds.
  • Build a nest box if trees with nest hollows are scarce. Different birds need different sized boxes, so use boxes to suitable to your local bird population.